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Origin-AL Designs
Working in the lab with wires and stuff...also known as The AL-Chemist, MetalPhysicist, MetalMorphisist or AAMadStyleWraps my name is Alan and I have been wrappin up for just over 30 months now. Everything is for sale unless otherwise noted, some prices, but just make an offer and we will go from there.

Im drawn to the emmence amounts of energy and creativity it takes to create even the simplest pieces of artwork with wire or anything else for that matter. I am also "facet-nated" with metaphysical sciences and crystals natural healing powers. That is what guides me to create every twist and turn in this crazy, neverending matrix of wires, crystals and stones. Enjoy, and for more works check out my metalworkers link at AAMadStyleWraps. Love, light and energy vibrations transmitted through invisible wavelengths.
Alan Dean
Chandler AZ 85225 US
Phone: 847-946-1127

Chandler AZ 85225 US
Phone: 8479471127 or 4806489545

Profile Link: http://www.JewelryArtists.org/OriginALDesigns

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