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Mermaid Creek
We are a small family based business creating original artisan designed jewelry. We use some special lampwork that we obtain directly from the wonderful artists! Gemstones are also sometimes included in our creations and all of our findings are sterling silver or 14kgf. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are what we specialize in.

We are passionate about what we create and so enjoy the creation process of each piece, mostly one of a kind. Our inspiration comes from nature in the Adirondacks and frequent trips to the Atlantic. That's where 'Mermaid Creek' comes in. It's a combination of both, really. Mermaid comes from the goddess side of the family because that side LOVES to swim and has always been drawn to water. Rivers, Lakes, and the Ocean. As long as she's near water she's content as can be. It's a beautiful section of the country that we are so blessed to experience. A lot of good energy goes into the work we do.

In our listings you will sometimes find little blurbs at the beginning of the items. These little 'stories' have found themselves woven into the creations. Sometimes the story comes first and the creation follows and sometimes the creation comes first and tells the story. Either way it's great fun to be able to have it flow.

Upstate NY  US

Profile Link: http://www.JewelryArtists.org/MermaidCreek

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