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Gideon S Silver Designs
Chris Gideon
"Sculptural Art of an Organic Nature with a Twist of Humor and History" - quote from visionary artist, Chris Gideon. "The energies of the medium move my hands." This ensures that each piece is unique. This unorthodox approach teamed with my unworldly perspective produces some of the most original, cutting-edge, organic jewelry and sculptures ever. I served in the army during the 1st Gulf War with the 1st Calvary Division as a Demolition Specialist. This left me a disabled veteran. I enjoy surfing,skating/snow boarding, silversmithing, sculpting, rock hunting, photography, and am a gemologist enthusiast. My inner strength will not allow the disabilities to interfere with my passions. Being a self taught artist I am fine-tuning my craft and ability. There was a short apprenticeship with Allen Stuck, ( Master Goldsmith/ Silversmith/ Sculptor ) a long time hero of mine and an established artist in the local Makanda community. Channeling my positive energy into Gideon's Silver Designs; unique sterling silver rings, bracelets, pendants, and sculptures are created to last . I Sculpt quality Art with a structural toughness. Thanks for your time And interest. CHRISPY G.

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