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The Circle of Life is Wonderful.
Did you know that a dragonfly will eat tadpole's and small fish , moths & butterfly's too! OH, like YUK!

On a more positive note the Dragonfly I chose to think is that creature of nature that has giving more positive energy in my life.

"Growth" using new technique as I pushed that element of design taught by another.

(**inserts**) WOW! Sherry Serafini is teaching how cool is that! I was adamant in my thinking process going into this class determined to learn this cuff per the instructions given to me. Then as I was given these teeny tiny seed beads and after embellishing around this dragonfly with like 20 of these teeny tiny seed beads.

Well shoot me, and smack me upside the head! I blame the dragonfly this time. As you can see this bracelet just took on a life of it's own.

I guess you just can't feed a dragonfly donuts for breakfast!

I shall continue to walk around in circles as I must accept life as it is and just do what I do. Make a few more of these wonderful fun cuffs then move on to something new!

"Life is Wonderful" don't lay stagnant, live, learn, be happy and most of all enjoy what you do everyday.

Life is Wonderful
Look what the dragonfly did?
800 x 595 px  (69 KB)
Life is Wonderful
So many seed beads!
800 x 679 px  (137 KB)
Life is Wonderful
This took me forever!
800 x 742 px  (104 KB)

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Just Vonna
Simplicity is not in my vocabulary, and I feel I have a distinctive, eclectic style. I have always been determined to push the limits. I take life as it comes to me; straight on. I design what I imagine. Asymmetry and a keen eye for color are my trademarks. I feel that learning is a process and perfecting the techniques I use can be a challenge. It is this challenge that I find so exciting and fulfilling. Putting my own spin on the design comes from my imagination and my life experiences. I never make the same piece twice and you will always see something different in my artistic world. Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for letting me share with you.


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