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Protaganist Peter Parker

Protaganist Peter Parker

Posted by Just Vonna on 7/25/2009
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Peter Parker is a fictional character conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. This character an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben as an ordinary teenager, having to deal with the normal struggles of youth. ~ "self-obsessions with rejection, inadequacy, and loneliness" etc.. But, then one day he got bit by a spider.
**shudder** I don't like spider's!

~ They are creepy but a necessary evil.

Now comes Spiderman, I prefer calling him "Spidey". Now "Spidey did not benefit from his mentors, he had to discover for himself "With great powers comes resposibility". "Spidey had the ability to cling to walls, shoot spider-webs and react quickly with his so called "spider-sense" this enabled him to combat his many foes, including "The Sandman". ~

"Spidey" your friendly neighborhood hero and one of the fifth greatest fictional character's per Empire Magazine.
~ use your "spidey sense" make good choices in life with whatever you do!

On a side note ~ maybe "Spidey" isn't a fictional character, the pewter figurine was given to me as a gift by my son for Christmas one year ~

IMO - he had a reason to give this present to me way back when he was just ten.

It's a necklace you see made of natural gemstone rocks, sterling silver. NO LAMPWORK!
Thanks for stopping by.

800 x 518 px  (100 KB)
Determination Full View
Determination Full View
600 x 582 px  (105 KB)
600 x 311 px  (57 KB)
Close Up ~ well I guess you know that!
Close Up ~ well I guess you know that!
600 x 450 px  (86 KB)

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Just Vonna
Simplicity is not in my vocabulary, and I feel I have a distinctive, eclectic style. I have always been determined to push the limits. I take life as it comes to me; straight on. I design what I imagine. Asymmetry and a keen eye for color are my trademarks. I feel that learning is a process and perfecting the techniques I use can be a challenge. It is this challenge that I find so exciting and fulfilling. Putting my own spin on the design comes from my imagination and my life experiences. I never make the same piece twice and you will always see something different in my artistic world. Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for letting me share with you.


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