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These beads are ~ 4 years Old ~
High School Geometry Glass was one of the most pointless forms of math ever devised. As it involves shapes, planes, and lots of proofs. It had no real use to me, although my teacher liked to say it did.
It was torture for me - my teacher was cute - I played the game, I passed the class.

Lampwork Glass Beadmaker -
~ J. Savina designed these triangle beads a very long time ago - maybe I should call them vintage J. Savina ~ vintage like me ~ older wiser ~ and life is much more simple.
I finally figured out the formula of the geometric shape designing this bracelet with "Triangle Beads"
~ I get it now ~ I thank you J. Savina ~ will you call my old teacher?
Maybe he would change my grade if he saw this ~

Beautiful beads, make beautiful bracelets!

PS: a diamond has 8 triangular sides so ha ~ I did pass the class ~ but won't tell you what grade I got.

Vintage Triangles
650 x 536 px  (79 KB)
Just J. Savina - **wink**
Vintage Lampwork Glass Triangles
800 x 600 px  (91 KB)

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Just Vonna
Simplicity is not in my vocabulary, and I feel I have a distinctive, eclectic style. I have always been determined to push the limits. I take life as it comes to me; straight on. I design what I imagine. Asymmetry and a keen eye for color are my trademarks. I feel that learning is a process and perfecting the techniques I use can be a challenge. It is this challenge that I find so exciting and fulfilling. Putting my own spin on the design comes from my imagination and my life experiences. I never make the same piece twice and you will always see something different in my artistic world. Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for letting me share with you.


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