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I am Self Composed

I am Self Composed

Posted by Just Vonna on 6/27/2008
It's like doing a dance for me when I create a bracelet with different twist. I have full control of my jewelry inventory. Although there are times when I need that tiny little bead, that perfect element to finish off the design. The self composed, scratch that - call me preoccupied until I find it. Stay out of my way until I find that bead!
Did I tell you Serena made these beads!

Discs & Ivory
Serena made me do it~
600 x 451 px  (96 KB)
The Sun
The Sparkle~ it's real.
1024 x 428 px  (110 KB)

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Just Vonna
Simplicity is not in my vocabulary, and I feel I have a distinctive, eclectic style. I have always been determined to push the limits. I take life as it comes to me; straight on. I design what I imagine. Asymmetry and a keen eye for color are my trademarks. I feel that learning is a process and perfecting the techniques I use can be a challenge. It is this challenge that I find so exciting and fulfilling. Putting my own spin on the design comes from my imagination and my life experiences. I never make the same piece twice and you will always see something different in my artistic world. Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for letting me share with you.


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