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A.R.T. Precious Collectible Jewelry

A.R.T. Precious Collectible Jewelry

Posted by Beadbear on 6/13/2011
 Nominated for Feature by Justin on 6/18/2011
Why I Knot Between the Beads
Knotting between the beads is important for a variety of reasons. Bead stringing, properly speaking, is a form of rigging. Where a knot is placed, it strengthens the cord three-fold. Consequently, if cord with a tensile strength of 17lbs. The cord is strengthened to 51lbs.10lb-test becomes 30lbs, etc. Thus, it secures the beads. This is especially true when a variety of different sized beads and materials are used. If the cord breaks, there is only one or two beads to pick up off the floor. Losing precious metal beads, or gemstones, can make it costly to repair.
I use a variety of different stringing material as well. I use anything that will take a knot. Generally, I will use silk, or linen. These are natural fibers, and are quite sturdy and durable. Cotton is too weak. I also use braided kevlar, of varying thicknesses. Kevlar is used in bullet-proof vests, as well as the suits astronauts wear. I often use kevlar with beads that have rough holes.
I never use tiger-tail, or any of the coated wires that many others use. Wire eventually will cut the beads, particularly pearls and opals, which are quite soft. Furthermore, when metal fatigue sets in, which it will, sooner or later that wire will kink. That kink will not only weaken it, but will cause the necklace to not to wear properly. Wire is just too stiff for necklaces and bracelets, in my opinion.
Second and more important, a knotted necklace will lay better against the body. Indeed, knotted necklaces will conform to the body of the wearer. Thus it actually becomes a part of the wearer. And you will wear the jewelry, rather than the other way 'round. So there is no “Afghan hound” effect. That is particularly vital when wearing a large piece.
Yes, it takes longer to assemble a knotted necklace. I knot each bead into place, by hand. I do not employ any of the bead-stringing devices that are available, because it does not allow me to place the knot closely by the holes on each side of the bead. Again, this is of particular importance when using beads of differing sizes, shapes or material (metal, glass, gemstone). I create my jewelry the time-honored traditional way, one bead at a time, and one knot at a time.
Beads reflect a tradition dating back to 3000 BC These beads were worn to promote good luck, and for protection from misfortune (the evil eye or malocchio). Archeological evidence suggests that concepts linking eyes and protective magic to beads evolved in western Asia and Africa, and were carried west and east with developing trade routes. The oldest eye beads made were drilled stones like agate and carnelian.
I see both antique and contemporary beads as a link to the past through work that will last into the millennium. Beads and jewelry reflect where we are today, what we were, and who we will become. One can neither break nor ignore the thread of history, for like a strand of beads, the result would be chaos.
Wear your beads in good fortune!

Bacchanalia 5-Strand Necklace
hand-faceted and round smoky quartz beads, amethysts, gold and peacock green freshwater pearls. aurum and smoke colored Swarovski crystal, Moretti 24kt gold foil beads
131 x 216 px  (11 KB)
Empress 5-Strand Pearl Necklace Set
Five strands of dyed peacock green potato pearls are hand-knotted with lavish and unusual Moretti 24kt. gold foil accent beads. They are accented by the Chinese champ-levé beads, with rondelles of mulit-color Czech crystals.
194 x 264 px  (21 KB)
Cleopatra Stick Pearl Necklace
Lustrous silver-and-r... dyed freshwater stick pearls, iridescent India glass round beads, Swarovski morion crystal beads, Moretti 24kt gold foil planet and olive beads, with rondelles of multi-color Czech crystals
336 x 204 px  (21 KB)
Flora Fluorite Necklace
fluorite, hand-carved citrine flower beads, vintage glass Chinese, inner-painted scroll beads, Moretti 24kt gold foil beads in amethyst and peridot colored glass, amethyst Czech glass gold dust beads, handcrafted 22kt vermeil bead caps,Venetian glass
168 x 281 px  (11 KB)
Desdemona Necklace
hand-carved rose quartz leaves,faceted smoky quartz, deep amethyst Moretti glass with murina. A striped Moretti glass bubble bead reflects the colors of the gems. All are accented with 18kt gold flower bead spacers approx total weight ¼ oz 18kt gold
384 x 563 px  (36 KB)
Pearl & Ruby Rosary
Champagne freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with hand-faceted rubies for the stations, with Bohemian 18kt gold foil rose beads, and Swarovski crystals. The cross is accented with ruby and vitrine Swarovski crystals
133 x 216 px  (4 KB)
African Rosary
The cross is an antique from Ethiopia, approx. 3 inches long. It was made from melted Ethiopian silver coins when the currency was devalued in the late 1800's. The antique Bohemian glass padre beads are hand-knotted with African coconut shell spacers
160 x 288 px  (18 KB)
Tsarina Alexandrite Glass Lariat Set
Like the gemstone, these beads will appear to reflect different colors in different light.Silver foil-lined dichroic glass hearts, pink Bohemian crystals, beads of rutilated quartz containing needles of golden rutile that reflect the patterns in the heart
131 x 216 px  (12 KB)
Albuquerque Sunset Pearl Lariat Set
Lustrous champagne-co... 5-7mm potato pearls, hand-knotted with 25mm turquoise disc and heishi beads and round 4mm rhodolite garnet beads. They reflect the layers of colors in the heart-shaped rose beads, reminding me of the sunset
167 x 288 px  (19 KB)
Noor Pearl Necklace
Bronze, hunter green and old gold-dyed freshwater pearls, peach Swarovski crystals and handcrafted 24kt vermeil flower spacer beads, pendant is a mint green Czech glass latticino flower bead, amethyst glass22 &24kt gold foil beads,green champ-leve beads
147 x 240 px  (8 KB)
Solstice Necklace
Pebbles of Brazilian rose quartz and Indian rhodolite garnet are hand-knotted with Czech striped and iridescent heart beads and lozenge-cut lepidolite beads. Unusual Tibetan glass beads reflect the colors of the gem beads
181 x 507 px  (14 KB)
Neda Necklace
Named for Neda al-Sultan:Deep green aventurine tear drop beads are Czech glass tear drop beads with copper wash, green Chinese glass rose beads
170 x 336 px  (18 KB)
Klimt Pearl Necklace
Fine quality black button shape freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with an unusual Moretti 24kt gold foil Klimt heart bead. Antique Moretti millifiori and handcrafted 24kt vermeil beads and spacers highlight the centerpiece.
142 x 305 px  (11 KB)
Liberty Necklace Set
The colors of freedom and liberty, the American flag rendererd in blue aventurine, and carnelian, with vintage Venetian glass rose or "wedding cake" beads. They are hand-knotted with Bohemian glass rose beads, and gold-coated seed beads
176 x 216 px  (10 KB)
Chinese Cloisonne Snuf Bottle Necklace
19th century Chinese 11kt gold cloisonné snuff bottle is hand-knotted with cube and tube beads of rutilated quartz, with needles of deep green tourmaline, and lustrous pebbles of of tourmaline, from deep green to hot pink watermelon.
204 x 336 px  (10 KB)
Meredyth Necklace Set
Three lavish strands of lepidolite lozenge-cut gem beads are hand-knotted with Chinese black cherry dyed freshwater pearls. Ornate, 22kt. vermeil handcrafted beads are used to accent the gems, with gold-plated bead caps. Clasp is 18kt vermeil; the finding
179 x 221 px  (14 KB)
Jonquil Nigerian wedding Bead Necklace
A festive blend of yellow, white, jet and red Nigerian wedding beads (antique Bohemian glass beads) are hand-knotted with diamond-shaped modern Czech jet beads and 14kt gold-coated seed bead accents.
132 x 216 px  (7 KB)
Serpentine & Moretti Necklace
Seven big, beautiful rectangular serpentine gem beads are hand-knotted with Moretti 24kt.gold foil frost glass beads. They are accented with iridescent Czech glass rondelles that add sparkle and elegance
190 x 174 px  (7 KB)
Nefertiti Necklace
Five graduated, hand-knotted strands of square and rectangle -cut dumortierite, nephrite, serpentine beads with aurum crystal beads. They are accented with handcrafted 18kt vermeil fancy beads with granulation, and Swarovski crystal cube beads
179 x 245 px  (18 KB)
Lil' Saint Pearl Set
Two lustrous strands of white freshwater potato pearls are hand-knotted with Moretti 24kt yellow and white gold foil beads, with aurum Swarovski crystal rondelles and beads. They are accented with and Czech jet rondelles
177 x 192 px  (9 KB)
Zoe II necklace Set
Beautiful deep red 24kt. gold foil Moretti glass beads are hand-knotted with antique German, opaque gray glass leaf beads, and handcrafted 22kt. vermeil beads, rondelles of smoky Swarovski crystal beads and rondelles
178 x 153 px  (7 KB)
Moretti Deco Necklace Set
Moretti 24kt gold foil Deco beads are hand-knotted with Czech faceted crimson and cobalt glass beads, and emerald glass round beads. They are accented with aurum crystal beads,
147 x 208 px  (8 KB)
Hatshepsut Necklace Set
Fine quality untreated hand-faceted amazonite button and lozenge gem beads are hand-knotted with handcrafted 24kt vermeil spacer beads and clasp. Moretti 24kt gold foil beads highlight the amazonite
188 x 330 px  (10 KB)

 Artist:   Beadbear  Contact Artist 
My name is Anne Renée Timmons-Harris and I have collected antique glass beads and unusual beads of all kinds from around the world for over thirty years.I use antique and contemporary Venetian, French, Dutch, Bohemian and Turkish glass beads to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other unusual ornaments. Precious and semi-precious gemstones of the highest quality, gold and silver are used to accent. Quality craftsmanship distinguishes my work from the rest.
My domain name is based on my craft, designing jewelry with beads, and my name given to me by my Cherokee grandfather, "Bear". There are others on the web falsely using the name Beadbear. They are being dealt with legally. Don't be fooled.

Each bead is knotted into place by hand, for strength and durability.
I knot with braided kevlar, linen or silk. If the cord should break, I will re-string it free.
Visit my website www.beadbear.com and see my jewelry designs

Wear Your Beads in Good Fortune!

Anne Timmons-Harris
P.O. Box 770890
New Orleans LA 70177 US
Phone: 504-233-3249

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