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Distinction Jewelry
The name Distinction Jewelry represents my goal in jewelry design; to make pieces that have an air of distinction, and are distinctively different. I make beautiful jewelry that will not be available anywhere else, and often cannot even be duplicated due to the one of a kind nature of the materials used.

Jewelry can be about beauty and beauty alone. Many of my pieces exist to adorn the wearer with something beautiful and rare. But the jewelry we cherish is often that with a deeper personal meaning, and those are the pieces I strive to create. Perhaps it reminds us of a loved one, or symbolizes a character from a movie who gives us strength. Maybe it symbolizes a favorite natural haven, or an ideal or a fantasy we wish to hold close. These are just a few of my own inspirations when creating jewelry.

Jessi Clark-White


Profile Link: http://www.JewelryArtists.org/DistinctionJewelry

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